Venue: Tai Chi Centre, London Road, Alvaston.
Day & Time: Fridays 9.45am - 11.30am
Fee: £2.50 per person per session

Our first Tai Chi class started in September 2012, and a second one in October 2013.

The classes are run by Carol Gascoigne who is our highly qualified instructor. Carol has a wealth of experience in teaching Tai Chi and h as won many awards. She is going to be working closely with Helen Widdowson from Sparcs clinic to gain more understanding of Parkinsons' and how she can further help people to get the full benefits from Tai Chi.

The lesson is an hour long but Carol allows a 5 minute break for a drink of water. The first ten minutes are taken with a warm up and we finish with a cool down at the end of the session.

You do not need any special clothing just be comfortable. Soft shoes are perhaps preferable but whatever is comfortable to you. There is no minimum fitness or age restriction required. Just take it at your own pace and ability. Those participating can either stand, sit down or hold on to a chair, it is all down to the person taking part.

You are more than welcome to come along to a taster session before making a decision if you would like to join.

If you interested in more details please call Liz Greaves on 01332 515700.

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