"I feel so good about my life now"

My name is Roy Myhill and I was born 72 years ago, one of twins, in North Walsham, Norfolk.

After leaving school I worked on a farm at North Walsham. After a couple of years I joined the Army and served in Aden and Germany. I met and married my wife Jean and we lived in Germany for a couple of years. On leaving the Army we settled in Derby and our two sons were born in Derby. I was employed by Derby City Council Parks and Allotments Department. When I retired I was Cemeteries Officer and Registrar. I retired early due to an old football injury received in my late twenties.   A badly fractured ankle meant that I had four operations in total over the years spending 3 months in Bretby Orthopaedic Hospital at one time. The last operation was in my mid-fifties and I continued to work but as I was unable to walk properly and was in constant pain, was medically retired in the late 1990’s. I also have Sturge Weber Syndrome with Epilepsy. But otherwise healthy!!!

A keen sportsman prior to joining the Army I played football for North Walsham Town. During my Army service I played football for my Regiment and after leaving the Army for Derby Parks Department and another local club. Cricket was also a great pleasure of mine and I played for Breadsall Village for a number of years.

Although Norwich City football team is close to my heart I have been a Derby County Season Ticket Holder for a number of years attending matches with my son and granddaughter.

Whilst waiting for a hip replacement I mentioned to my GP about the tremor in my hand and arm. I was told the new hip may cure it. After a very successful hip operation I again visited my GP who referred me to the Royal Derby Hospital where in late 2012 I was diagnosed wih Parkinson’s. The Doctor asked if I used the internet – I don’t—so he advised my wife to look at the Official Parkinson’s Website and I would be seen again in 6 months’ time. I was shocked and I did not know what to think or do.

Jean had been attending Tai Chi Classes for 18 months, and mentioned to the Teacher that she thought Tai Chi may be good for me. The Teacher said she took a Parkinson’s Group Class perhaps I should go along and see them. I did and met with Brian and Liz (Greaves) who told me about the local group. We joined the Group and this is the best thing I have done. The members of this group are so friendly and reassuring and I thoroughly enjoy taking part in the Tai Chi Classes and also the singing. The outings have also been very interesting and well organised and I look forward to going to more this year. I feel so good about my life now.