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Fishhing at Cooper Arms

A Big HIT at SpARC! 2017

Glenn Miller Story Theatre Trip September 2016

Parkinson's Cycle Derby Day 2016

sQuad Events 2015

Carers Christmas Tea 2015



February 2014: Interview with Caroline Bartliff, Senior Speech Therapist (SPARC)

My Story

A series of stories from people with Parkinson's.

August 2016: John Straw: My Story

April 2016: One Friday Morning....John and Petronella's Story
March 2014: Roy Myhill: My Story
April 2014: Brian & Liz Greaves: Our Story
June 2014: Alan Stanbury: My Story, Part One
July 2014: Alan Stanbury: My Story, Part Two
August 2014: John Duguid: My Story
November 2014: Sheila North: My Story
                            Sheila North's Presentation at St John's Methodist Church


Parkinson's in the Media

Links to stories in the media on Parkinson's Disease.

'The Parkinson's Drug Trial: A Miracle Cure?'                             

Clinical trial of GDNF

This pioneering trial aimed to find out whether GDNF treatment can slow, stop or reverse Parkinson's - something no current treatment can do.   

About the trial

GDNF is a special protein that is naturally produced inside the brain and supports the survival of many types of brain cells – including the cells lost in Parkinson's. 41 people with Parkinson’s underwent robot-assisted surgery to have four tubes carefully placed into their brains, which allowed GDNF to be infused directly to the affected brain areas via a port in the side of their head with pinpoint accuracy.

The full results are due to be published on 27 February 2019 and will help us understand whether GDNF has the potential to be a future treatment for Parkinson's.

They will be closely followed by 'The Parkinson's Drug Trial: A Miracle Cure?' - a 2 part documentary charting the experiences of 9 participants in this unique study. Episode 1 will be broadcast at 9pm on 28 February 2019 on BBC2.

Find out about this yourself at : https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/research/clinical-trial-gdnf

'Mud's "Tiger Feet" cures my Parkinson's symptoms' - Daily Mail