Bye Bye Beard

Phil with his beard

My beard often made me (and others) laugh. It was really long. If it was windy, it would divide in the middle and keep my ears warm. If I had a Sunday lunch, I had to be very careful. Once I leant over to far and ended up with gravy on the ends of it!  Playing the piano accordian hurt, when my beard got stuck in the bellows ( I had to put it inside my tea shirt!)  Anyway,

My wife Barbara and I had had a natter about it, whether to get rid of it or not, then whilst we were at the Hydro Therapy pool I heard a voice……..

 ‘Phil's having his beard shaved off in aid of Parkinson's'.’

…and that was the beginning of it. Three weeks later we went to The FlowerPot, where it was to take place. (Now in three weeks you have a lot conversations, yet nothing else was happening. No cutting. No trimming) Then at 8.15pm on the 20 June I went into the back room of The FlowerPot, and in front of family, friends and complete strangers (curious to see this thing that was happening), I sat down on a chair. A bobble was put on said beard, and,,,,,,,,SNIP!  It then became real. This was happening! Now!

Three quarters of an hour later, after a lot of laughing and joking, snipping and shaving, with loads of photographs and videos, it was all off!. It felt so strange, as I hadn't seen my chin for 20 years.  5 days on I am getting a bit more at ease with it, and also the new thing of SHAVING!

Phil without his beard

I’m still amazed at the amount it raised. At the moment this stands about £400, but there is still money to come in. I would like to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who was involved and to everyone who has given.

Earlier this year I missed the Parkinson’s walk. I now feel I have done something instead  to make up for it.

The question now is,,,,,,,,,,,What about my pony tail????????

Phil Noake