One Friday Morning...

4.30am and I realise John is not in bed. There is a rim of light round the bathroom door. The door is blocked by his body. I shout “John, are you all right?” Muffled response. “Can you slither away from the door so I can come in?” Nothing. I offer encouragement, suggestions for half an hour but it’s no good. He’ll be cold. I have to call 999. 

In the lull I take the opportunity to get dressed and in spite of being told “We are very busy” a First Responder arrives  very quickly. He can’t get in either so he calls the Fire Brigade. A Fire Engine, all lights blazing, parks outside our neighbour’s house and 4 muscular Fire Fighters come in and survey the scene.

Two options: climb in through the bathroom window or saw the door down. The first is rejected because the damage to the double glazed window would be too great. The saw is prepared for the second option. In the meantime the Incident Commander has somehow managed to prise the door open enough for his fingers to find a way in. I am afraid he will get them trapped. “Is he a big man?” they ask and I realise of course they don’t know what they will find behind the door.

Gradually the door is prised open and we find John cold and shocked but otherwise unharmed. By this time two more Paramedics have arrived in an ambulance. They take over and after doing multiple tests they fortunately decide John doesn’t need to go to hospital. It is now 7am.

Time to shower, prepare for the Carers and a friend who looks after John and then I’m off to recover at Tai Chi.

Our grateful thanks to the Paramedics and Firefighters for their support, encouragement and skill.                   

John and Petronella