A Big HIT at SpARC!

Having recently completed the 10 week course of High Intensity Training  (HIT) offered at SpARC with the marvellous physio team , I would like to give a flavour of this most valuable  experience and to encourage others to get active.

Ten of us attended each hourly session, with a new person starting each week as one person finished each week. The sessions consisted of a warm up followed by the 10 separate exercise stations and ended with a cool down. The 10 different exercises were carefully explained and demonstrated to us to ensure that we worked to the exacting requirements e.g.big movements,  stretched fingers, sharp action, loud voices! We worked powerfully round the 10 stations with each exercise  lasting 2 minutes.

As the 10 weekly sessions progressed I felt that I was steadily improving in stamina, flexibility, concentration and felt challenged as extra 'bits' were added to push me even further. I felt closely monitored and in very good hands. Continuity is obviously important and the team gave tips of using the exercises in everyday situations too. At home I also set up the 10 stations as they require few resources and need very little room. I manage to go through them perhaps twice a week but fully intend to do them more often!

I was assessed before I began the course and again after completing the course. The results showed I had both improved and maintained a high level in all assessments in just 10 weeks. I believe that the strong structure and clear aims of HIT make it immensely valuable . The people I attended with had differing difficulties with Parkinsons . The physio team monitored each of us separately ensuring our very individual needs were met sensitively.  We already know that exercise is important , making this structured approach which is  especially targeted to Parkinson patients, an opportunity not to be missed.

Oh yes, forgot to say it was really good fun and the coffee 'debrief' after we left for a nearby cafe was great socially too!!

Finally, thank you to the hard working Physio Team and look forward to hearing if a follow up course becomes available,


Ann Pitt - a grateful participant